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69 Pontiac Firebird

JTEC 69 Pontiac Firebird Project: This beautiful American Classic Muscle Car is part of what they call the Pony Car Revolution a great race and competition against the “Big 3”, being the 3 major automotive manufactures General Motors, Ford, and Mopar (Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth).  The first “Pony Car” was the 1964 Ford Mustang which changed the automobile industry. This competition between the automakers brought amazing cars to the marketplace and the American people loved them. These cars looked good, handled good, had amazing power and body lines that were just enough beauty with masculinity that made men and women alike fall in love with these automobiles.

The Firebird was built by General Motors Pontiac division and was the first generation of their kind. They were produced from years 1967 to 1969. Designed as a Pony Car to compete with the Ford Mustang and Mercury Cougar, it was introduced on February 23, 1967, simultaneous with GM’s Chevrolet division platform-sharing Camaro. In 1970 General Motors change the design with the 2nd Generation incorporating a bold change in design that pretty much remained the same until 1982.


The picture to the right, JTEC’s 1969 Firebird Project. These pictures are of the very “Unfinished” product. We will release pictures of our progress periodically via our social media and websites.

This beauty has a beastly 455 cubic inch H.O. (high output) big block engine, that has been modified to a 469 cubic inch high performance motor that will produce well over 550 horsepower. We will announce the horsepower upon a diagnostic test. The Pontiac 455H.O. V8 is an overhead valve V8 engine manufactured by Pontiac. The 455 H.O engines have powered iconic cars such as the Pontiac GTO and Trans Am edition of the Firebird.
“Unfinished” engine and engine compartment. Still lots of work to do with fine tuning and dressing it up a bit.

To transfer the massive horsepower this 469Ci will put out, we have installed a Turbo 400 Transmission, totally rebuilt with shift kit that will grab second gear like a gunshot to the chest. The Turbo 400 transmission is a 3 Speed automatic transmission, part of General Motors (GM) Hydramatic series. Often used in general motors truck lines for their ability to handle the higher torque, and horsepower for towing and hauling additional weight. The stock Turbo 400 is rated conservatively at peak torque of 450 lb-ft. and can be built to handle much more. This is why they are favorite within General Motors performance and racing circuits.

The Paint scheme is Racing Red with Black interior. The Interior will have new seats, carpet, headliner, dash matt, door panels, window cranks, gauges, console, and shifter. To keep this beast cool, the cooling system is a 4 core alluminum performance radiator with duel electric cooling fans, and an external transmission cooler.

Please stay tuned for additional updates and progress reports on our twitter feed @AutomotiveJtec . We will be announcing a second project shortly, as we are finalizing the project agreement. This is another great American classic. We are extremely excited that we are able to launch our Automotive division now instead of our initial 3rd quarter projection we had anticipated.